Reclaimed Pallet Wood Products

PalleTable Kitchenware

A collection of quality, functional servingware made from 100% reclaimed pallet wood.

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Hardwood Cutting Board

Drink Coaster 

 A subtle addition to your home and a great reminder that some things just need a second chance.

$24/pkg of 4 

Side Tray

 A subtle addition to your home and a great reminder that some things just need a second chance.


Hardwood Cutting Board

Most cutting boards are made in a factory 10,000km away, this one was made by your neighbor.


Hardwood Cutting Board_mini 2

Miniature Cutting Board

Awww, it’s a little baby board!


Pallette de Hors d’Oeuvres

A cheese or serving tray well balanced to carry and sure to spark conversation.


The Grampy Ramp™

Inspired by Lucky the Dog, when he was no longer able to hop into the car the first Grampy Ramp design was built. Fast forward a dozen (or so!) prototypes and his patience as a product tester has paid off giving him many more years of road trips and an ample supply of back window sniffs.

Folds up easily to stow.  


The Chein Den

An very useful product that adds fashion and function to your home and a fun place for Fido to call his own. Drape a scarf over the sides to give an authentic den (suburban den!) feel. 

Various sizes fit dog crates or beds and when dismantled it packs into itself for easy storage and transporting


Home & Garden


The Laddirac™

Not your typical flimsy white wire clothes drying rack. The Laddirac is made from solid wood, holds way more than a full load or laundry and folds to a five foot blanket ladder for storage or decorative display. 

It really is “the Cadillac of drying racks!


Blanket Ladder

A traditional style blanket ladder. Comes in three sizes:

– 5 foot tall w/ four rungs – $45

– 6 foot tall w/ four rungs – $55

– 6 foot tall w/ five rungs – $65

$45 – $65 

Raised Garden Boxes

Available as a DIY kit: 
     1) Choose your side length: 32″, 48″ or 64″ 
2) Add and end length: 16″, 24″ or 32″ 
All hardware and materials are included.  However you will need to pre-drill the screw holes…getting your hands dirty before getting your hands dirty! 
*Pup and kitty not included.


Home Decor

Diamond Crystal



Diamond / Crystal




Seasonal and Limited Production

Items will vary among Skid Markz locations. Please contact your local shop for availability. These are a sample of what you may find.​

Tie Fighter_Vader
Mountain Range

Vader’s Tie Fighter​


Mountain Key Hooks


Apres Toolbox

This is a (well tested) prototype only. For some reason we’re having trouble focusing every time we “measure” another eight beers!




Pine Trees

From  $25