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Skid Markz™ diverts unwanted wood pallets that would otherwise be headed for landfill and gives them a second chance by turning them in to useful everyday products for people to enjoy, reducing the need for new trees to be cut as well as other significant social and environmental benefits.  

We sell:

– Functional and Decorative pieces for Home & Office

– Raw lumber, live edge and craftboard for DIYers

– Firewood (some pallets are ready for that great campfire in the sky)

Skid Markz is a Zero Waste company that operates locally in towns across Canada and USA

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How it all Started

Like many companies Skid Markz evolved out of passion and a desire to help others. Over the years we’ve built dozens of household items from old pallet wood – dog beds, craft tables, shelves, serving trays and other knick knacks – that we honestly didn’t want to pay money for knowing they were made in less than stellar conditions and meant to be thrown away anyway.

Each time we started a new project it took quite an effort to find quality pallets we were allowed to take and to break them apart in a way that wouldn’t crack the wood or leave pry marks. We realized after everything we’ve built, if it was a hassle for us it must be a hassle for others too.

So, Skid Markz was born! First as a way to help DIYers spend more time on their woodworking projects and now as a local manufacturing business selling the salvaged lumber and our reclaimed pallet wood creations. We have two locations so far (Kimberley BC and Mississauga ON) with more towns to come! Each location is operated by local residents.

Please browse through our product selection for either inspiration for your next project or possibly a purchase from us. And if something compels you to look into starting your own Skid Markz please feel free to ask.

Skid Markz is an Activate Us initiative, rewriting how small business operates.

Coordinated Effort

2023 Moon Calendar w/Wood Stand

Skid Markz and Eunanna Calligrapher, two Canadian businesses practicing The BRIDGE, have combined efforts and produced this beautiful moon phase calendar and pine wood stand with options of finish and clip or dowel hanger.

This is an example of the Coordinated Effort which is a foundational aspect of The BRIDGE.

Following the moon phases brings awareness of the flow of nature and her rhythms.   Purchasing this calendar and stand not only helps you connect with the natural flow of life, it also helps humanity cross The BRIDGE.

Purchase from the Etsy Store linked below.



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